The journey starts now

Well, not really. I think the journey started back when I was born, but for the sake of storytelling, let’s start today.

By trade I’m a graphic designer. I freelanced off and on for a number of years before finding a home at an ad agency in the city (San Francisco). I stayed for four years, most of it pretty fun and productive. Eventually one of my clients asked me to come on board as a design manager at their office. Now I mostly attend meetings and answer emails.

Although I am a decent designer and a pretty good meeting attendee, these things rarely give me the satisfaction I need in a career. I think I mostly wanted to follow through with my education and not put it waste. So here I am today.

I’m 33 and am ready for a drastic change. I’ve done some reflecting and asked myself what makes me happy. The answer came quickly: food. I spend most of my time thinking about the food I’ve had and the food I’m going to have. Maybe I’ll get into more in later posts, but it eventually led me to believe that I could happily run a restaurant; specifically, a Vietnamese one. That decision wasn’t too hard, either, as Vietnamese cuisine is by far my favorite.

The only problem: I have no idea how to cook any kind of  Vietnamese food, though I grew up eating it. With this blog, I’m hoping to document my journey back to my roots through the food that I will learn to make (and eat). Wish me luck.


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  1. designchickadee

    this blog is eggsellent.

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