Goi cuon/spring (summer?) rolls

Foods that come as rolls are pretty great. You can stuff your face using just your hands without looking like an asshole.

As an appetizer before the pho was served, I made some gỏi cuốn with rice vermicelli, shrimp and herbs. These were a lot easier to make than I thought. The hardest part was shelling and cleaning the shrimp. Actually, that’s a lie. The hardest part was trying to keep the rice paper from sticking to everything it touched after being soaked in a bowl of warm water to soften it (though this was my favorite as a kid and is still pretty fun).

The dip, a combination of plum sauce and chili garlic sauce with some peanuts sprinkled on top, gives this otherwise bland dish its sweet flavor. Condiments and sauces are another reason why Vietnamese food is so appealing to me. Never a dull moment!

The recipe I based this dish on.


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