Another “dessert”: avocado shake


When I first heard the words “avocado shake” I thought it would be a little weird since I’ve only ever had avocados in savory dishes and sides. The Vietnamese word for avocado is , which also means butter. It’s not hard to imagine how the name giver of this fruit gave it such a name. The creaminess of an avocado completely lends itself to being a shake.

Avocado shakes, or sinh tố bơ, aren’t really a dessert, but for the sake of categorization let’s call it one. It’s sweet, cold and creamy—everything a good shake should be. And it’s easy.

Here’s the recipe I use to make one glass:

1/2 avocado (sometimes I use more to give it a stronger avocado flavor)
2 tbs of sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of milk (almond, soy or rice milk will work as well)
1 handful of ice

I start by adding ice to the blender (since this will need to be crushed up the most), throw in the avocado, top with a couple spoonfuls of condensed milk and pour in your regular milk. Blend until smooth. Sometimes you’ll have to help the move the ice around with a spoon. I prefer mine thick so I put in less milk and a bit less ice. You can add to your taste. The same goes with the condensed milk. I have a massive sweet tooth that calls for more, but your taste might differ.



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