Bun thit nuong

Marinated meats are nothing to turn your nose up at. With any luck, they’re tender, juicy, aromatic…in other words, really damned delicious. Thịt nướng, or grilled pork, is just that. The perfect pieces are a bit charred on the edges and have some tasty bits of fat on them. If I’m at a Vietnamese restaurant and stray away from pho, then I’m probably going to order something with thit nuong, whether it’s over rice or rice noodles.

This dish, like many other Vietnamese dishes, took a bit of prep, but of course the ingredients are pretty basic. When put together, this dish is great for a summer day (but any day will do, really) because despite the grilled pork, it still feels light with cold rice noodles, crunchy veggies and fresh herbs. Paired with nước mắm (fish sauce) it’s a winning combination. This dish is especially fun because I get to grill, which doesn’t happen very often…especially since I live in the city in an apartment complex. It helps to have friends with backyards.

Like any dish, there are a wide variety of recipes out there for it. Since I’m trying to use the most authentic recipes I can find, there’s definitely an advantage of being familiar with the dishes I’m making. I usually have to adjust (after consulting with my family) to get it just right. The recipe I found here was pretty much right on and I didn’t have to change anything. The pretty pictures also helped.

This was my second full Vietnamese meal I made and I’m pretty excited to keep it up. It’s also a good motivator to have eager taste testers on hand to help me eat the food once it’s done.

Thit nuong: before and after

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