Easy fixins: mo hanh (scallion oil)

Two ingredients…that’s all you’ll need for this fantastic garnish. It adds a great creamy onion flavor to dishes like bun thit nuong or appetizers like summer rolls as well as a touch of color. And all you need are oil and green onions.

I use one bunch of green onions and about a 1/4 cup of canola oil (maybe a bit more depending on the size of the bunch). Start heating up the oil over medium heat. Watch that it doesn’t get too hot and scorch. Cut up  the green onions into thin slices, using the whole stalk. You can tell if the oil’s hot enough when you drop a piece of onion in and it has a good sizzle. Once the oil is ready, add the onions and stir slowly for about a minute until the onions are soft. The smell is so good I usually want to spoon some into my mouth there and then, but the scalding oil helps me restrain myself. Remove from the heat and let cool. You can serve after it’s had time to cool or keep it in a jar for about a week in the fridge. The color is most vibrant right after it’s cooked and becomes a sort of army green as it sits in your fridge.

Try it on some white rice paired with do chua, on a hot dog or a slice of toast.


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